Cognac, An Independent Guide to the People, the Product and the Region
by Mac A. Andrew (Deptford, NJ, Lusina Publishing Company, 1999), 188 pages, $20.00

This is a fine guide to cognac.  It is chock full of everything the novice or more seasoned cognac drinker could want to know.  Want to know what cognac is and where it is made?  Looking to learn the difference between blended cognac and single cru?  Or perhaps you are pondering purchasing cognac, and would like some suggestions as to which ones are worth the money?

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Mac A. Andrews tells you straight up and simply.  This spiral bound, sparsely illustrated and emminantly usable guide slips nicely in yoru jacket's inner-pocket and includes bare pages in the back where you can record your own tasting notes.  For those considering travelling to the Charente/Charente-Maritime area, Mr. Andrew provides a narrative that dishes some of the places he has dined and a list of places to stay.  I can assure you that as soon as I make my way to these Cognac-producing sections of France, I shall have Mr. Andrews enjoyable guide with me.
-Kevin R. Kosar

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