Alize and Alize Red Passion
by Staff

Alize has reinvigorated cognac insofar as it as attempted to tear away the cobwebs and austerity that looms over cognac as a beverage.  Alize, pronounced Ah-lee-zay, make cognac more attractive to Americans, in particular, by decreasing the price (Alize can be had for under $20) and by cutting the 80 proof liquor with tasty passion fruit.  Goodbye serious old drink to be consumed by the fireplace, hello chilled cocktail to be quaffed at a club.

It is any wonder, then, that Alize has gone from a small curiosity to a 700,000+ case per year product?  

While we're big fans of serious cognac, we actually got a kick out of Alize.  There's nothing tricky here- just pour 6 ounces or more of this 18% alcohol drink on ice and drink up.  It's sweet, but the chill and wetness from the ice soften the sweetness, making it a VERY drinkable, cosmopolitan-like drink.  Bottoms ups! (Rating ***1/4)

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Not content with their success with Alize, the folks at Kobrand (the importer) launched Alize Red Passion in 1997.  Same stuff, only it has cranberry instead of passion fruit as its main mix.   We found it even more appealing than regular Alize, being a touch less sweet and berry-fruity.  Again, pour the better part of a bottle over ice and have at it.  It's fun! (Rating ***3/4)

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