Charodei Vodka
by Kevin R. Kosar

As a young fellow I knew just a few things about vodka: it is made in Russia, it is made from potatoes, and vodka is vodka, with little difference in taste between brands.

Obviously, I was wrong on all counts.  Chalk that up to life in Ohio, where even the Poles of Parma (near Cleveland), who you'd expect to drink vodka, drink Busch beer.

The fact of the matter is that vodka is distilled throughout Europe, with Poland, Sweden and Russia squabbling as to who created it first.
Vodka is made from a range of grains- rye, wheat, barley- it varies from distillery to distillery.  And the difference in quality is immense.  Vodka, like any other spirit or beverage, can be very, very good or almost un-stomachable.