Bafferts, Dirty Olive, and Vedrich Gins
by Staff

Vodka has been such a hot product of late that we wonder if the media might have overlooked some of the interesting things that are happening with gin. In order to help rectify this possible oversite, we bring you some lesser known but very interesting gins that are available in the U.S.

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First up is Bafferts Gin, which is distilled by Hayman Distillers Limited of London,England. Bafferts comes to the U.S. via Bishop Wine & Spirits. Bafferts is, in a sense, the gin answer to the boom in the popularity of vodka. It is a vodka-like gin, in that it uses very few botanicals and is quite light on the juniper. Bafferts is very smooth and no doubt most who try it will love it. (Rating****)
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Dirty Olive Gin is a whacky product. Can anyone recall the last time they had a flavored gin, let alone one flavored with olives? The gyst of Dirty Olive Gin is that it quickly delivers a very good dirty olive martini. Just splash a whisper of vermouth in your martini glass and whirl it about. Then pour Dirty Olive Gin into a shaker of ice, rattle well, then pour your self a soft, salty treat. (Rating***1/2)
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Last is Vedrich Gin, from, believe it or not, Belarus. Vedrich Gin resembles Bafferts insofar as it aims to be a gin that vodka lovers will enjoy. The juniper in Vedrich is almost muted, and the spirit itself is quite viscous, making Vedrich very soft and super smooth in the mouth. Vedrich is imported by the American Belarusian Import-Export Company of Newbury Port, MA. Vedrich is distilled by the Kryshtal Vodka Amalgamation factory in Minsk. (Rating****)

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