Kahlua Licor de Cafe 
by F. Sot Fitzgerald

In terms of coffee liqueurs, Kahlua liqueur is almost the polar opposite of Borghetti Caffe Sport espresso liqueur (which we've reviewed quite favorably).  Whereas Borghetti is a mostly bitter, intense coffee liqueur, Kahlua has a brief bitter note and thereafter is sweet, almost sickly sweet.  While Zelduh occasionally can drink Kahlua straight up with and ice cube, I cannot- it's too saccharin.

However, that does not mean that I've no use for Kahlua.  Kahlua goes nicely with a couple ounces of milk or cream (Kahlua & Cream), or, you can spike your Kahlua & Cream with a shot of vodka and a wee bit more milk to make a White Russian.  Both of these drinks taste like chocolate milk- a strange thing to experience when you are getting hosed.

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Kahlua is 26.5% alcohol and is imported by Hiram Walker & Sons, of Southfield, Missouri.  A 750 ml (25.4 ounce) bottle runs between $14-$17 in the U.S. (Rating ***1/2)
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