Polish Potato Vodka Tasting-  Luksusowa, Quotes, & Chopin
by Kevin R. Kosar

Vodka, you likely know, can be made from a variety of field products- rye, assorted wheats, and potatoes.  At, we have reviewed a variety of vodkas- flavored vodkas, Russian vodkas, Belarussian vodkas, Polish vodkas- the list is broad.  This review examines a few of the potato vodkas that come from Poland.  It is by no means exhaustive, and in the near future I am certain you will find more reviews of Polish potato vodkas.

Luksusowa (40% Alcohol By Volume) is a fairly easy to find vodka, imported by Adamba of Brooklyn, New York.  It fetches about $12-$14 in retail outlets, which is a fair price for this middle of the road vodka.  Both the nose and the taste are caramel sweet, and it finishes a bit hot, an ester creeping up your throat and sinuses.  Not bad (it is tripled distilled, so it's certainly not harsh), and better than many of the other vodkas you find at this price. (Rating ***)

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Quotes (40% ABV) is a luxury vodka soon to be available in the U.S. (autumn 2000).  It is the result of a collaboration between Q Projects (a Polish vodka web consulting firm) and Lancut Distillery of Lancut, Poland. Sharply packaged, this tripled distilled potato vodka is much more viscous than Luksusowa and complex on the nose and palate.  It is quite crisp, leading with a near amalgam of mineral and spearmint notes. As it finshes it rolls out a slow blooming toffee note that is quite pleasant.  Highly recommended.  (Rating ****1/2)


Chopin Vodka (40% ABV) is the most expensive of these vodkas, going for $27-$34 a bottle at stores.  With its quadruple distilling, frosted glass bottle, and highbrow marketing, Millenium Import Co. and Polmos Siedlce (the distiller/bottler) have worked to make itself known as a premium spirit. While a card dangling from its neck claims it is "the world's only luxury potato vodka," in light of Quotes vodka, one wonders if this is true. Nevertheless, Chopin Vodka is quite good.  It's the likely most viscous of the three, and so has an oily mouth feel, is incredibly smooth, and begins earthy before shifting to a moderately sweet and metallic finish.  A hint less flavorful than Quotes. Highly recommended. (Rating ****1/2)
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