STÍN Vodka
by Kevin R. Kosar

STÍN Vodka (80 proof) is imported by Dilene Enterprises Corp., in Ossining, New York. It's made in Estonia at the famed Remedia Distillery. Those who are intrigued, can get a look at Estonia by surfing to STÍN's website and clicking the PHOTOS button. STÍN retails for a very reasonable $23 or so a liter (that's a liter, not a fifth) and comes in gorgeous packaging (note to barkeeps: if you want to entertain your patrons cheaply, line up a half dozen bottles of STÍN on your bar shelf. You'll likely see folks bobbing and turning their heads laterally in admiration of the funky visual effects.)

STÍN is a very good vodka. It's four times distilled and four times filtered yet remains a viscous, full flavored vodka. It is slightly sweet with notes of lemon and grain. It's all too suitable for serving straight, on the rocks, or in a cocktail. Highly recommended. (Rating ****)

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For more information about STÍN Vodka, surf to or ring Dilene Enterprises at 1-914-923-4098

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