Wodka Wyborowa
by Kevin R. Kosar

Here's one more reason to cheer over the end of communism- more vodka exports from former Eastern Block nations.  Our office has been inundated with vodkas from countries that once were once under the Soviet yoke.  And the Polish Vodkas, thus far, have been almost without exception superb.

Wodka Wyborowa (that's "vodka vi-bro-va") is made from rye by Polmos Poznan, of, that's right, Poznan, Poland.  At present, it is imported by Austin, Nichols & Co., those folks who are responsible for, among other things, Wild Turkey.

The version I sampled was 80 proof and retails for a little over $14.  Wodka Wyborowa is well regarded by vodka lovers and it lives up to its name- Wyborowa, which is Polish for "exquisite."  The rye comes through on the palate, as do notes of toffee and minerals.  Wyborowa finishes very smoothly.

Highly recommended.  (Rating ****)

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