Rating System:
*Horrid- Won't drink unless threatened with violence.
**Tolerable- Will drink if it is free.    ***Good- Will drink and even pay for.
****Very Good- Will seek out for purchase.   *****Superb- Will walk miles to acquire. 

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Under $5
Le Muscadet Barre**
Rene Junot White Wine*

Anthony Road Wine Company Riesling 1999***1/2
Banfi Vintners
    Le Rime 1999***1/2
    Le Rime 2000***1/2
Bartholomew Winery First White 1999***1/4
Barton & Guestler
    Cabernet Rose 1999***
    Saint-Louis Chardonnay 1999***1/2
    Vin De Pays D'Oc Chardonnay 1998***
Bersano Gavi 1996**3/4
Brancott Vineyards
    1999 Chardonnay***1/2
    1999 Sauvignon Blanc***1/2
Bruno Hunold Pinot Blanc 1997***3/4
Carramar Chardonnay 1999***1/4
Cavit Pinot Grigio***1/4
Concha y Toro
    Casillero del Diablo Chardonnay 1998***
    Casillero del Diablo Sauvignon Blanc 1999**
    Sunrise Chardonnay 1999**1/4
    Xplorador Chardonnay 1999***1/4
    Xplorador 2000 Chardonnay***1/4
Corbett Canyon 1997 Chardonnay*1/2
Flame Opal Chardonnay 1996***1/4
Francis Coppola Bianco 1998***1/2
Georges Duboeuf Wines
    Chardonnay Vin De Pays 1999****
    Chardonnay Macon Village 1999****
    Milenage Chardonnay 1999***1/4
Glen Ellen 1997 Proporietor's Reserve Chardonnay**
Gristina Vineyards Chardonnay 1998***1/2
Gundlach Bundschu Polar Bearitage***1/2
Hope Estate
    Chardonnay 1999***1/2
    Verdelho 1998****
Jacob's Creek
    Jacob's Creek 1999 Chardonnay***1/2
J. Lohr Bay Mist Monterey White Riesling***1/4
Leasingham Riesling 1996**3/4
Michel Lynch 1998 Sauvignon Blanc***3/4
Nathanson Creek 1997 Sauvignon Blanc*
Pierre Sparr Pinot Blanc Reserve 1998***3/4
Ravenswood French Colombard 1998***1/2
Santa Julia Wines
    Chardonnay Reserva 1999***1/4
    Oak Reserve Chardonnay 1996****1/4
    Torrontes 1999****
    Torrontes 2000***1/2
San Telmo Chardonnay 2000***1/2
Sterling Vineyards
    Vintner's Collection 1999 Chardonnay***3/4
Stonehaven Vineyards
   Limestone Coast Chardonnay 1998****
   Limestone Coast Chardonnay 1999***1/2
Trivento Chardonnay 1999**3/4
Wyndham Estate Bin 777 Semillon 1999***/***1/2

Allan Scott Wines & Estates
    Chardonnay 1999***1/2
    Riesling 1999***3/4
    Sauvignon Blanc 1999***/****
    Sauvignon Blanc Vineyard Select***3/4
Anthony Road Wine Company- 1998 Chardonnay***1/4
Antonin Rodet
    Chardonnay 1999***1/4
    Chardonnay Vielles Vignes 1998****
Banfi Vintners
    Fontanelle Chardonnay 1997***1/2
    San Angelo Pinot Grigio 1999***3/4
    San Angelo Pinot Grigio 2000***1/4
Bethel Heights
    Pinot Blanc 1999****1/4
    Pinot Blanc 2000***1/2
    Pinot Gris 1999***3/4
    Pinot Gris 2000***1/2
    Brancott Gisborne Chardonnay 2000***
    Brancott Gisborne Reserve Chardonnay 1999***3/4
Buena Vista 1996 Carneros Gewurztraminer***3/4
    Nativa Chardonnay 1998***3/4
    Carmen Reserve Chardonnay 1999****
    Reserve Sauvignon Blanc 1999***1/4
Concha y Toro
    Amelia Chardonnay 1997****1/4
    Marques Chardonnay 1997***1/4
Francis Coppola
    Diamond Series Gold Label Chardonnay 1998****1/4
Georges Duboeuf Wines
    Viognier 1999****
Galluccio Estate/Gristina Vineyard
    Rose 2000***3/4
Jacob's Creek
    Jacob's Creek Reserve Padthaway Chardonnay****
Liberty School Central Coast 2000 Chardonnay***
Maison Nicolas Reserve Chardonnay 2000***
Pierre Sparr
    Pinot Gris Reserve 1999***1/4
Principessa Gavia
    Gavi 1998****1/4
    Gavia 1999***1/4
    Gavia Perlante 1999****1/2
    Principessa Gavia Perlante 2000***3/4
Ravenswood Early Harvest Gewurztraminer 1999****
Rosso Puglia
    Tiamo Pinot Grigio/Garganega 1999**3/4
Santa Barbara Winery
    Chardonnay 1998***1/2
    Sauvignon Blanc 1998****
Stonehaven Vineyards
   Limestone Coast Chardonnay 1998****
   Limestone Coast Chardonnay 1999***1/2
Te Kairanga
    Gisborne Chardonnay 1999**1/2
    Martinborough Chardonnay 1998***3/4
    Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 1999**3/4
    Martinborough Sauvignon Blanc 1999***1/4
Weingut Kurt Darting Gewurztraminer 1999****

Concha y Toro
    Terrunyo Sauvignon Blanc 1999****
Santa Barbara
    Chardonnay Reserve 1997****
    Reserve Santa Ynez Valley 1998 Chardonnay***3/4
Te Kairanga
    Martinborough Reserve Chardonnay 1999****1/4
    Te Kairanga Martinborough Reserve 2000 Chardonnay****

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