Rating System:
*Horrid- Won't drink unless threatened with violence.
**Tolerable- Will drink if it is free.    ***Good- Will drink and even pay for.
****Very Good- Will seek out for purchase.   *****Superb- Will walk miles to acquire. 

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Fortified Wines
Under $10
Benjamin Port****
Noval Tawny Porto***1/4
Presidential Porto**1/2
Warre's King's Tawny Porto***

Lillet Blanc****1/4 & Lillet Rouge****
Marnier-LaPostolle Pineau de Charentes****1/4
Niepoort Junior Tawny Porto***1/2
Noval 1991 LBV Porto***
Quady Winery
    Electra Dessert Wine****
    Elysium Dessert Wine***1/4
    Essensia Dessert Wine****
    Quady 1995 LBV Port****
    Quady Starboard Batch 88 Port****
Ramos Pinto Superior Tawny Porto***1/4
Warre's Warrior Porto**3/4
Wyndham Estate Tawny Port***3/4

Over $20
Quady Starboard Vintage 1992****

Sparkling Wines
Under $10
Freixenet Sparkling Wine***
Mionetto Rose Legatura**1/2

Banfi Brachetto d'Acqui***3/4
Francis Coppola Sofia 1999***1/4
Mumm-Cuvee Napa
    Brut Prestige***1/4
    Blanc de Noirs***1/2
Pierre Spaar
    Cremant D'Alsace Pinot Noir Brut Rose 1996

Over $20
Banfi Brut***3/4
Mumm-Cuvee Napa
    Blanc de Blancs 1997****
    DVX 1996****1/2
    Brut Rose****+
    Brut Royal****+
    Brut Millesime Grand Cru 1995****+
Rosa Regale Brachetto d'Acqui 2000***3/4

Under $10
Kasztelanski Polish Mead***

Carpano Sweet Vermouth****1/4
Vya Dry Vermouth****
Vya Sweet Vermouth****
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